This is a link to RC Planet, the best source

for Remote Control cars you can find.   I thought you would enjoy looking at this site.  Happy Racing




   This was the first product we ever used, back in 2007, I had an plan that remote control cars could be used for both fun and to make enough money to pay for my own hobby.   I designed a track that was 25 feet long,  12 feet wide and elevated 20 inches off the ground.  I later built a smaller track.  

 We can race both high powered cars called Mini Z that are 1:24 scale, and larger Optima cars that are 1:16 scale    In the past we have entertained large crowds at Cresent Hill July 4th events, Belknap Festival,  Fairdale Festival, and several other large events.    We can revenue share this track or rent space, the track can have ninety customers per hour.

REmote Control Car

‚ÄčRemote ControlCar Racing