Photo booth add ons

Masterpiece Collection

  •  Choice of open  booth
  •  Green Screen included (except mirror booth)
  •  Cannon Rebel DSLR camera, for super picture quality
  •  Print station with second photo quality printer
  •  Extra Props
  •  Two Photo booth operators
  •  Unlimited pictures
  •  Live internet and SMS posting
  •  Touchscreen systems
  •  ADA Complaint
  • Matches any decor
  • Photo quality printing (unlimited)
  • Two monitors
  • Many accessories and enhancements
  • Black and white, sephia and color
  • Custom layouts of pictures
  • Live texting of pictures

Arcade booth, hold 2 people, requires 60 square feet and can be used indoor or out.  To discuss your event in detail, call us,  502 356-0042

Arcade Booth

Enclosed booth,with twenty five square foot enclosure that can hold up to 10 people.  Can be used indoors or outside, eighty to one hundred square feet to operate.  Handicap and wheelchair accessible. To check scheduling or to discuss your event, contact

My Fun Over Louisville at 356-0042

Enclosed Booth

Our most popular photo booth, Portable, can be used inside or out.   Can take pictures of one to twenty guest.   Can handle up to 45 sittings per hour.  Handicap accessible.   Can be used with one of numerous backgrounds, green screen or no background.   For questions, to check the availability of a date or to book an event, call us at 502 356-0042.

Open Air Booth

Your guest will love this.  Indoor used only.

Mirror Booth

Open Air background, several colors and patterns to choose from.   Can be used inside or outside, fully handicap and wheelchair accessible.  To discuss any product or questions about your event, call us,

Marty 502 356-0042

Selfie Booth

  • Matches any decor
  • Custom panels can be added
  • Photo quality printing
  • Fair pricing
  • Photo quality printing (unlimited)
  • Two 24 inch monitors
  • Many accessories and photo booth enhancements
  • Black and white, sephia and color
  • Over fifty photo layouts to choose from
  • Live texting of pictures

Open Air Photo Booth Features

Selecting a photo booth can be a difficult process.  Call us to discuss what product best suits your needs, 502 356-0042

Photo Booth Kiosk

Masterpiece Collection features:

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PHoto booth

mirror booth rental

wedding photo booth

  • Simple pricing, $ 179 life of event, no upcharges
  • Includes large boxes of Props
  • Signage
  • Free set up, delivery and take down
  • Photography grade lighting
  • Set up and delivery
  • No printer, no operator, no computer
  • Simple selfie booth

Enclosed Booth Features


Picture Frames



Extra props

Second Attendant

One of the best photo booths in North America, for large weddings, balls, gala's, business events or trade shows

  • Two Way mirror system
  • Guest are impressed with high tech photo booth
  • Handles up to 10 guest at a time.
  • ADA Complaint
  • Impressive at Wedding Receptions
  • Powered by SparkBooth 7.01
  • call for pricing 356-0042
  • Live texting
  • Allows your guest to make extra prints
  • Live upload to Facebook
  • Live upload to twitter
  • Upload to SMS and email
  • Self service
  • Priced at $ 129

Works with all booths,except for Selfie, requires internet access

  • Portable design, can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Touch screen system
  • Photo quality printing (unlimited)
  • Fair pricing
  • Many accessories and Photo booth enhancements
  • Choose between color, black and white, sephia
  • Custom layouts
  • 24 inch Dell Monitors touch screen systems
  • ADA complaint
  • Live texting of pictures