We have done hundred of events for customers, trade shows, holiday parties, grand openings, promotion, employee days.  You get the best chocolate fountain, from a company in business since 2008, fully insured.  Then consider adding photo booths or boxing robots and your event will be beyond excellent.   Call or text 502.356.0042..


Cheese Fountain at Retirement Facility

Church events cover Easter, X-mas, special events, holidays and much more.  We have rented Chocolate Fountains, photo booth, mini golf, boxing robots for festival, and much more.  Call to discuss your event.   Marty 502.356.0042

White Fountain at Grand Mercy

Church dinner in zip code 40299

Drop off fountain, with catering partner

Happy Bride

     We offer more food options at lower price than anyone in the Louisville area,  new equipment, the best chocolate you  and your guest will ever have, great staff, we started in business in 2008, and are fully insured.   Most customers will choose a photo booth to package with the  Chocolate Fountain.   We can handle an events from twenty five guest up to eight hundred guest.​  With each fountain we offer, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate and countless food choices.  We order chocolate from a bakery that makes special chocolate specifically for  fountains, and it's excellent !  We can also make colored chocolate along with use the fountains for queso.  Call or text anytime 356.0042

Nacho fountain


Wedding Reception 

​​Newly married couple at Holiday Inn


Lunch sponsered by Amazon



25 - 50 guest

Fountain is 17 inches tall

Drop off price is $ 129/239

Combine two of these for 

50 guest $ 359

Marty 502.356.0042

Cheese Fountain at holiday party 2021

Party at Atria in St. Mathews

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chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain rental

chocolate fountain rental louisville

Louisville chocolate fountain

cheese fountain
founde fountain
wedding fountain

Graduation Event

      Weddings are the largest portion of our business and we love them, close to 1,000 weddings we have been a vendor at since 2008.   We have done weddings for a few dozen guests all the way up to a wedding for three thousand guests.  We know and understand the special needs of your magical days.  Most of our chocolate fountain couples add a photo booth or giant games from My Fun Over Louisville.  We provide more food, more food choices and better equipment than anyone in Louisville.  We provide better service at a lower cost by avoiding expensive advertising  and renting all of our equipment every week. 

To discuss your special day, call or text Marty 502.356.0042

We provide more food, more choices and have new Chocolate Fountains

Prom Event

Church school dance

Charity event at Olmstead

Happy Bride at Woodhaven.

Chocolate Fountain

Brown Foreman

Indian Wedding

Bridal Shower


   Company Picnic, outdoor bug covers

Black Tie Gala

Cheese Fountain

Thank You event

Drop off fountain at South Park Club

Chocolate fountain rental

Louisville Chocolate fountain rental

Chocolate fountain rental louisville

Chocolate Fountain rental Louisville



Used for up to ​135 guest.

Twenty nine inches tall

Drop off price @ 339

Full Service $ 339 + 2.50 per guest

add a photo booth for $ 349

School events includes dances, field days, proms, PTA, parent - child events, graduation and much more.  Beside Chocolate Fountains, we have photo booths, portable putt putt and much more.  We have insurance coverage required by JCPS.  We know how to create a great day for children.  Call or text Marty 502.356.0042

Valentine Dance

Ladies lunch club


Most popular food package is strawberries, marshmallows, Little Debbie Brownies, White Oreos, Rice Krispies treats, Pretzel sticks.

No upcharge for strawberries

We supply fancy plates and skewers.

We do not publish a list to choose from, just tell us what you want.

Suggestions upon request.

Call or text 502.356.0042

Employee day at Hilton Garden Inn


Drop off for church in 40291

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Wedding at Hubbers

Meet the Fountains

We  chocolate fountains for parties at private homes, rental facilities, hotels, private clubs.   Some for black tie events and some  for tee shirt type events. Some customers book us for annual events and some are one time events.   We have lots of new equipment, insured and in addition to chocolate fountains, we have mini golf, giant games, boxing robots and of course photo booths, we know how to make an event fun.  We deliver what we promise and  have been in business since 2008.   

                                                   Marty 502.356.0042


Used for parties of 100 - 225 guest. 

This fountain is forty inches tall. 

Drop off price $ 379  

 Full service $ 379 + $ 2.50  guest.

Add a photo booth for $ 349

No obligation consultation call or text Marty 502.356.0042


Used for events with 200 - 400 guest.

Fountain is 45 inches tall

Full service  $ 449 + 2.50 per guest

Add a photo booth for   $ 399

Call or text 502.356.0042


Employee event

 Chocolate Fountain Rental

Smart couples rent a Chocolate Fountain from My Fun Over Louisville.   Be the next smart bride by

calling or texting

  Marty at 356.0042